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Re: kernel 2.6.16 on powerbook G4: Oops when loading sound module

> I bet it does - I still haven't tried a recent 2.6.16 after hearing so
> many 'doesn't boot' reports here. Color me lazy if you must.

Doesn't boot ? how so ? because of this sound problem ? I'm very curious
to know if there are any others. I've fixed a lot in the late 2.6.16-rc
stages and I expect 2.6.16 to be fairly robust.

For the sound vs. i2c problem, it would be nice to have the debian
package include a patch changing that line in sound/ppc/tumbler.c:

-		request_module("i2c-keywest");
+		request_module("i2c-powermac");

That would fix it the problem unless i2c-powermac hasn't been built at
all :)


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