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Re: On the status of support for the current generation iBooks

> (f) X works, but 3d acceleration doesn't. Messages on this listsuggest that this will change with xorg 7.0, so I'll wait for that. Myone experiment trying to mirror the display on an external monitorusing the VGA connector hasn't been successful, but apparently it canbe done. TV out probably doesn't work.

Yeah, X is a moving target :) I've been fixing loads of issues in the X
radeon driver recently and so expect things to get better with X 7.0 or
7.1 (or 7.0 with the "stable" ati branch that I'm also taking care of at
the moment). 3d should start working nicely with recent DRIs and dual
head should work fine too. TV Out doesn't yet but it's not hopeless..
there is bits & pieces of code floating around and we think we might be
able to put something together at one point, just nobody had the time

> (g) Modem doesn't work (and apparently isn't even detected by Linux)

The modem is a software modem... While we might figure out one day how
to send/receive sound samples to it and do things like take the line,
detect rings etc... I'm not sure there is any useful software modem
stack for linux on ppc... might still do a good answering machine I
suppose :)


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