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Re: kernel 2.6.16 on powerbook G4: Oops when loading sound module

> > You Shalt Not Compile Thine Kernel Using The PREEPMT Option On PowerPC.
> > Ever.
> Heh... I'm not sure that still holds :) We have fixed a lot of bugs
> related to preempt, it may not be that bad anymore...

Well, good thing I tried to tickle you a bit there :-)

> I think his problem is a different bug related to the sound driver
> blowing up if the i2c driver hasn't been loaded first.

Looked like something related to the i2c interface for sure - but that's
all I could guess from the oops without actually looking at the source.

> Make sure you load i2c-powermac first and see if that helps.

I bet it does - I still haven't tried a recent 2.6.16 after hearing so
many 'doesn't boot' reports here. Color me lazy if you must.


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