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Re: Running Linux 2.6.16 and Xorg 7.0 on iMac G5 rev C (iSight)

On 21-Mar-06, at 9:03 PM, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

  - Get Ben's kernel at http://bersace03.free.fr/pub/iMac%20G5/
vmlinux.bz2 (mirror of http://gate.crashing.org/~benh/vmlinux.bz2).
bunzip2 it at /.

Don't do that ! :)

There is no such thing as benh's kernels :) that's long gone. In fact, I just removed the above one from the site... it was just a build to help you. 2.6.16 should work on this machine, if you need a pre-build version
of it, try to get somebody on this list or post yourself one somewhere
but don't spread the idea that there is still such a thing as "benh's
kernel" :)

If you're ever looking for prebuilt kernels for powerpc check out http://ppckernel.org/

Many prebuilt (vanilla, some custom kernels). We're always willing to take on more configs as well (like ubuntu builds). if you want to add some get in touch with me offlist and we can get you setup.

Makes for good regression testing as well as we keep an archive of the kernels built.


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