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Install Sarge on an embedded PowerPC

Hello all

I've got myself an embedded powerpc platform (kurobox) and I'd like to 
install Sarge on it. My problem is - the board doesn't boot from CD, the 
bootloader is proprietary and I cannot load initrd... So, AFAIU, I cannot 
use any of the standard installation methods. I did built a 
cross-toolchain for it, compile a custom kernel, I can boot with 
NFS-root, so, I just need an installation root, and then I could install 
the rest over the internet. The problem is, all boot images I tried so 
far, that come with various install CDs, etc., are compressed, so, I 
cannot loopback-mount them. So, my question is - how can I install Sarge 
on the board? Is there a standard way that I've overseen? If not - maybe I 
could get a suitable boot-install-image, that I could NFS-boot to? Or 
maybe even somebody could briefly point me in the direction how I can 
build such a root-fs myself from Debian-sources?

Guennadi Liakhovetski

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