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Quota Support in Kernel

I am looking to add quota support.

This isn't my first time using Linux, but it is my first serious
attempt, and my first time with Debian.

I love Debian's package management stuff. It makes installing and
managing software so easy, but I digress... I am looking to replace
all of our servers with open source counterparts and move away from
the proprietary environment currently in use. To that end, I've
downloaded 3.1r1 and installed it onto a test machine to use and
become more familiar with (specifically a slot-loading DVD 400MHz

I'm currently trying to implement quotas on the test machine. I've run
apt-get install quota quotatool, modified /etc/fstab and added
,usrquota,grpquota to the partition with the mount point /. (Since
it's only a test machine, I created one big partition to use for / and
another partition to use for swap.)

I did:
touch /quota.user /quota.group
chmod 600 /quota.*
mount -o remount /

quotacheck -avugm reported that the quota files were truncated. My
research on Google indicates that it's normal to see this message the
first time that the quota files are initalized, so I moved on.

quotaon -avug gives me:

quotaon: using //quota.group on /dev/hda3 [/]: Function not implemented
quotaon: using //quota.user on /dev/hda3 [/]: Function not implemented

My research on this indicates that the kernel must have support for
quotas. I suppose that this brings me to my questions. I've not been
able to find an answer on the list archives or Google (although I've
already learned alot on my own as a result of my Google searches.)

Is quota support already enabled in the kernel for 3.1r1? How can I tell?

I've learned that I can compile my own kernel with quota support
added, if necessary. I found this document giving a walk through of
how to perform this, albeit for an Intel machine.

The directions show downloading a kernel from kernel.org. With a
PowerPC machine, should I also be downloading from there or from
ppckernel.org (I believe that kernel.org has kernels for Intel CPUs?),
or does it not matter? In addition, should I download the same kernel
version that it's in 3.1r1 already or would a newer version be okay?

Can also I make the request that future versions of Debian for PowerPC
have quota support in the kernel enabled by default?

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