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Re: Resetting file list in aptitude

On (14/03/06 07:09), Terry Shannon wrote:
> Quick question for those who don't have time to read the whole saga  
> below:  aptitude shows all packages selected for deletion (don't know  
> how I got it into that state.)  How do I unselect all the packages  
> for deletion?

<snip long explanation>

Ctl-u before exiting aptitude (as many times as necessary) will take you
back to the status when you opened the program.  If you quit aptitude
before undoing, undo won't work.

However, if you press 'g' once and you are shown all the packages to be
deleted, you can then apply '+' or '=' to the heading or subheading
which says something like 'packages to be removed ....'.  Your choice
to hold or upgrade should be applied to all the subsidiary packages.



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