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Re: Battery Problems / Re: off topic - Apple service sucks

On 3/1/06, anthony iles <anthony_iles@yahoo.com> wrote:
> My Powerbook G3 Pismo/Firewire/Bronze keyboard model
> which is dual boot Sarge and OSX does not switch on
> anymore or does so only temporarily.
> For some time I have been running it without a battery
> as the battery only held a charge for 3-4 mins (since
> I installed the debian side, before it was more like
> 20mins). It began to crash/switch itself off with no
> warning so after reading around I put the battery back
> just to help it boot. This helped for a few days -
> however, now everytime I move the machine -home to
> work etc it does not boot up again - usually I take it
> part, pull the top slot memory, the hard drive, the
> pram, replace it all, and sometimes in varying
> combinations this works - it boots, everything is
> dandy it runs tfor a few days - I try not to switch it
> off - then when I do, it doesn't boot up again.
> It has currently been off for two days and I've tried
> al my usual tricks with no result! The closest I get
> is a phut sound from the audio as I press the button,
> but it does not revive...

My first suspicion would be a depleted PRAM battery. You said you
remove the "pram" but maybe you mean the battery. I just checked the
guide for your model at http://www.ifixit.com/ OH you are so lucky!
Your pram battery is right under the keyboard on the lower right side.
(My Wallstreet II hasn't yet reached the "won't start" stage, and its
PRAM battery is under the palm rest, requiring a fairly complete
disassembly to get to.)

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