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Re: APT sources changes to convert Kubuntu to vanilla Debian (newbie)??

Brian Durant dijo: 

|  Many thanks. I'll give it a try if the Ubuntu Dapper Flight 4 PPC
|  doesn't clear up my windfarn_91 problems. Their latest kernel update
|  didn't do anything to solve my problem.
|  Even though I forwarded <benh@kernel.crashing.org> postings on the
|  issue, I can't be sure that they picked up on the need to implement the
|  windfarm_91, rather than following their circular solution :-(
|  BTW, in your experience, do you lose any hardware detection capabilities
|  when you switch from Ubuntu to Debian or vice versa?
|  Cheers,
|  Brian

When I switched, I had to reconfigure the X server.

My other devices (a USB cammera, a USB printer, the sound card, the ethernet 
thing...) worked perfectly well.

It is said that Ubuntu has better hardware detection capabilities than Debian. 
I don't know if this is absolutely true.

Theese are the very few things I am able to tell you about the hardware 

I still have the windfarm problems I'll try to use Benjamin's patches.


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