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Re: debian kernel 2.6.15-1 module-assistant cant compile alsa

On Wed, Feb 08, 2006 at 05:01:34AM +0000, Mitchell Laks wrote:
> Dear Sven and List,
> My solution.
> I recompiled the latest kernel 2.6.15-3 with sound and alsa as modules.
> I then blew away udev (I hate it).
> I rebooted.
> I saw that alsa was started during the bootup messages.
> I then ran alsamixer to make everything loud.
> I then began to play my mp3s!!!
> Yabadabadoo!!!
> The problem was udev. I have  no clue how to use the sucker. I wish it made
> sense.  I have read and reread the documentation. I prefer to have my devices
> there. Why would I want my sound devices coming in and out in userland? 
> if it had a trivial configuration tool then i would put up with it, but such
> arcane rules for so little benefit....

Please fill a (polite) bug report against udev about this problem.

(and you are right, it is horrible and sucks, but if it worked out of the box
for everyone as it should, it would not be so bad, so please file the bug


Sven Luther

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