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Re: bcm43xx finally working, with encryption too!!!

Shreyas Ananthan wrote:

Bin Zhang <yangtze31@gmail.com> writes:


Try dscape/bcm43xx. It needs only one second to get connected.



I will give the dscape+bcm43xx route a try again if someone can help
me with this. Any help will be appreciated.

Hm, bcm43xx-dscape was the next challenge to take indeed, but pardon me
the HOWTO itself look quite intimitating!!!! I am going to try it anyway (even just of curiosity!)


i coule refer to quite a few fine details about using the driver! For instance, some times
I have to repeatedly
#ifdown , #ifup
the interface to get it working (getting at that time an "error"
that the "link is not yet ready")
also some times activating the interface via kwifimanager corrects that issue of
not recognising the Access Points IP giving an FF:FF.... instead!
What I have ended with is to put the relevant information in
my /etc/network/interfaces, which looks like:

auto eth1
iface eth1 inet static
       wireless-mode managed
       wireless-essid quadnrg
       wireless-key xxxxxxxxxx

where someone of course may change auto to noauto
and static to dhcp (and commenting the address, netmask etc)
Using this make usually unnecessary the use of iwconfig at all!
(and minding that sometimes even the device interface changes
say from eth2 to eth1! but most of the times sets to eth1 in my case!)

So I think that obviously the state of things regarding
Airport is not yet perfect but certainly has improved dramatically!
Even working with MacOS X, using Airport is not flawless (quite often I have
to reset my access point/router and so on).
So all we need is still more experimentation (and a bit of patience)


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