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Re: ppc64 missing from upstream 2.6.15-rc6?

Johannes Berg wrote:
>>> Does this mean that, until the issue is fixed, one can simply "go into
>>> /usr/share/kernel-package/kernel/arch/ppc.mk or ppc64.mk and edit it so
>>> it
>>> says ARCH=powerpc." and then safely omit the "--arch" option for
>>> make-kpkg?
>> probably, yes, but YMMV.
> Yeah, you can, I tried yesterday. However, make sure that those files have
> not yet been copied into your linux-XX/debian directory, otherwise it all
> messes up. So start with a clean tree.

Oh. forgot to mention. the postinstall scripts mention ppc as well, I
think you have to remove it too (I did, and it worked for me)


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