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Buildd donation? (Was: Please set MLton to build on malo)

>>>>> "Wesley" == Wesley W Terpstra <terpstra@gkec.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de> writes:

    Wesley> For whatever reason, voltaire continues to have only 320M
    Wesley> of RAM.  This means it cannot build MLton. I would
    Wesley> appreciate it if MLton were blacklisted by voltaire so
    Wesley> that voltaire will not attempt (and fail) to rebuild this
    Wesley> package. Alternately, why is voltaire still in use? If the
    Wesley> machine cannot be kept relatively modern, perhaps it
    Wesley> should be retired in the face of the more powerful buildds
    Wesley> debian owns.

I have a PowerMac G4 (Digital Audio model: 133 Mhz Bus, 733 Mhz G4,
512 MB RAM) that is looking for a home. 

I'd be willing to donate this to Debian if it can be of some
use. I'd be prepared to ship it within the United States if some one
could clue me in.


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