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Re: Debian on an Old World G3 'wallstreet'

Hi Anthony,

I installed Sarge on a Wallstreet some while ago. I've put a list of the on-line resources I used, with some additional information here:


In particular, if I remember correctly, Christophe Barbe's howto for the TiBook III worked quite well for the Wallstreet.

Hope this helps!


anthony iles wrote:
I'm trying to install debian on an oldworld mac : Powerbook G3 series 'WallStreet' using the following howto as a guide : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Installation/OldWorldMacs

After getting past a problem with the cd drive I managed most of the install.

However, when I get to the stage of mounting the HFS partition and copying over the linux kernel I'm stuck, I type Option f2 to get another console and I just get a blank black screen with no prompt.

Has anybody had the same problem? Anyone with a workaround or a link to a Sarge on an old world mac howto?


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