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Re: Debian install on biege G3

>>> Mount the MacOS-partition where BootX resides.
>> Sorry, need a 'how to'... Found reference here
>> http://lists.debian.org/debian-powerpc/2005/11/msg00165.html
>> ...and from looking elsewhere seems I need to chroot to target?
> No. Just an ordinary mount.

When I use
ls dev
there's no refernece to the sda6 partition at all.  The list reads:

adb         fb       kmem        misc        pts         scsi        urandom
cdroms    full      kmsg         null        random   shm       vc
console    ide      log            port        rd           tts         vvc
discs       input   mem         ptmx       root         tty        zero

In my attempts to mount the disk I managed to mess things up. Therefore, I
reformated with 3 partitions, one of which I formatted as MSDOS FAT32 (which
MacOS sould see) hoping to use that as an 'exchange partition' (as per 3.6.1
MacOS/OSX Partitioning of the manual
http://www.us.debian.org/releases/sarge/powerpc/ch03s05.html.en#id2517119) I
can't find that one either.

Looking in 'disks' or 'scsi' I find paths to various 'part1, part2, etc' of
the disk but have no success in mounting one. Maybe  I'm not doing that
right? What command do I enter?

>> Tried this but can't seem to mount the MacOS partition. It should be under
>> /dev/sda6 but I get "wrong device number or fs type hfsplus not supported"
>> I saw a mention of a patch for said fs, is that what I need?
> OK. this hfsplus thing seems problematic. Is possible to load a module
> that support hfsplus within the installer? There is a step in the
> installer that loads additional components (the partitioner amongst
> other things). Could you try and continue the installation until those
> modules are loaded (I mean to point 6.3.2 in the installation manual.)
> and then try to mount the partition again?

Sorry friend, how do I check if the modules are loaded. If not, how can I
load them? Do I have to use something like ctrl,alt F3,4,5 or 6?

Thanks for your patience,

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