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Re: [ANN] Broadcom Wireless Chipsets reverse engineered

Johannes Berg wrote:

>While a lot of work remains to be done (mostly on the softmac, read on),
>a bunch of people are actually using the driver under linux now to get
>access to the internet. So here's the official announcement:
>The main berlios website is currently down, but the code can still be
>downloaded from svn://svn.berlios.de/bcm43xx/trunk/, and you can see the
>README (for example) at
Hi All,
i just tried the snapshots dated 12-08 , install went smoothly.
I'm configuring my interface using static IP address and i'm able to
scan for networks using iwlist scan
however, it seems i cannot associate with my AP. The AP is configured in
hidden mode ( i.e no ESSID broadcast ).
The iwlist scan shows my AP network but not the ESSID. I'm setting the
correct ESSID using iwconfig eth2 essid 'myid'
but no traffic can go trhough ( i see outgoing packet count increasing
but no incoming packets ).
Has anyone managed to get the thing working with hidden ESSID ?
Thanks ...
PS: Congratulation to the people who did this wonderful work ! keep on
the great work !

Charles-Edouard Ruault

+33 1 55 34 76 65

Idtect SA
37 Bd des Capucines 
75002 Paris, France

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