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Re: Debian install on biege G3

> No, as Simon pointed out, there is known, unsolved problems with quik
> and (some of?) the beige G3:s. Focus on BootX for now.

OK, will do

> So restart the installation, press ctrl-alt-F2 and <enter> to get a
> shell. 

Have got the shell

> Mount the MacOS-partition where BootX resides.

Sorry, need a 'how to'... Found reference here
...and from looking elsewhere seems I need to chroot to target?

Tried this but can't seem to mount the MacOS partition. It should be under
/dev/sda6 but I get "wrong device number or fs type hfsplus not supported"
I saw a mention of a patch for said fs, is that what I need?

> copy /boot/vmlinux (or possibly vmlinux.gz) and /boot/initrd.img to the
> folder were BootX looks for kernels (might be something like "System
> Folder/Linux kernels/")
> Then umount the MacOS-partition and reboot into MacOS and start BootX.
> There is a checkbox for the initrd or "ramdisk", named something like
> "use specified file for ramdisk..." chose initrd.img
> Assure yourself that vmlinux (or vmlinux.gz, don't remember) and
> initrd.img are the new ones and not the ones that will start the
> installation.
> the root device should be /dev/ram, but I think that's all.

 if I can just get these files I think I'm almost there?!


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