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Re: sudden power loss (WAS: sudden power loss on tibook)

> Yes, now as you say it, I can confirm this for an iBook G4. I had the
> same problem with high CPU load. The fan starts spinning and increase
> its speed until it runs very fast. Then it starts to pulse (increase
> speed -> decrease speed -> inc...) and after a minute or so the iBook
> powers off. I thought the firmware caused the shutdown due to a too
> high temperature, but if I hear you, it makes me wonder. I think I
> could reproduce this, but it happened some times ago. Since then I pay
> attention on the CPU load and run programs like firefox with nice to
> make cpufreqd do not speed up the CPU.


Are you using the therm_adt746x-module? Then I might at least be able to explain
those increase/decrease behaviour: One of the sensors (probably the one nearby
the graphics chip) is fairly cold, whereas the other one shows hot temperature.
I posted a patch for the module some time ago to change that behaviour and at
least it worked for me (TM).


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