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Re: Can't find out patches

On 11/28/05, Roberto D. M. <m.roberto.d@tiscali.it> wrote:
>  Thanx for considering this mail,
>  I'm Rob from Italy and I'm trying to compile by myself
>  j2sdk-1_4_2-src-scsl that I downloaded from sun.com as written in
> README.linux.src on blackdown.org.It tells to patch the sources with some
> diffs from the site that I can't find.
>  Can you help me finding out 'em?
>  Which one have I to use for  j2sdk-1_4_2-src-scsl?
>  is this the right version?
>  Is there a version of j2sdk working with firefox 1.0.7 for ppc ?

(the 32-bit iSeries/pSeries)

Best regards,

>  I am using an iBook 14" with Ubuntu and Gnome2.6 + firefox 1.0.7 and gcc
> version 4.0.2 20050808 (prerelease) (Ubuntu 4.0.1-4ubuntu9).

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