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Re: sudden power loss (WAS: sudden power loss on tibook)

On 11/23/05 at 11:31 PM Ian Wienand < ianw@gelato.unsw.edu.au > wrote:
> have you found any interactions with any daemons such as pbbuttonsd?

A long time ago people were talking about turning off NoTapTyping or
something similarly named -- I tried that and it didn't make a

On a lark I am testing by stopping pbbuttonsd completely after boot. I don't use the notap while typing feature, but the ordinary trackpad notap isn't getting set by pbbuttonsd as it used to be, so I know there's already some unusual behavior.

> I haven't ever been able to sleep and wake this machine consistently under
> linux so I haven't tried in awhile ... usually I can sleep and wake for one
> cycle and then it won't sleep again... and this machine's battery is shot so
> I'm always on AC.

Hmm, that sounds like a problem other people (Erik?) has described.

> I'm very sick of booting to fsck with "you have not checked your
> > filesystem for X thousand days" since the clock gets reset to 1904!
> That's one difference on my Wallstreet II -- the clock isn't getting reset
> when the power goes off.

I wonder if that means we have different problems?  I'm not really

I'll search the archives for the sleep thing -- but since I leave the PowerBook on, connected to AC, the sleep issue hasn't been a big issue for me. And the fact that my clock isn't getting reset may just reflect a difference in hardware.

The sudden power loss while actively using the machine sounds EXACTLY the same, but unfortunately I won't know for a few days whether stopping pbbuttonsd has had any effect.

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