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sudden power loss (WAS: sudden power loss on tibook)

On 9/12/05, Ian Wienand <ianw@gelato.unsw.edu.au> wrote:
On Sun, Sep 11, 2005 at 07:34:06PM +1000, James Ballantine wrote:
> I've been running cpufreqd for the last few days with full logging
> enabled. the system powered off just now - I don't see anything
> anomalous in /var/log/syslog (and no mention of frequency changes).
> I've now disabled cpufreqd and am testing powernowd to see if I get
> the same behaviour.

I have run with and experienced power loss with both on my iBook

Over the last few days I have been running without either (although
with the same kernel) and have not experienced the the problem.

I had previously run with different versions of pbbuttons with the no
tap typing thing on and off and always had the problem -- I feel sure
it is related to CPU frequency switching.

This was the last message I saw in this thread -- has there been any progress in tracking this issue down?

I recently dist-upgraded from Ubuntu Hoary to Ubuntu Breezy (5.10) and then began experiencing the sudden random power losses. Since I'm running a 1998 PowerBook G3 Series (aka "Wallstreet II" or "PDQ") my first thoughts were aging hardware, or the nearly dead PRAM battery. (I'd LIKE to replace it, but what an ordeal!)

Ubuntu 5.10's kernel is 2.6.12-10-powerpc.

As others in this thread have mentioned, the machine NEVER powers itself down when idle -- it's always when it's being actively used, like composing a gmail message. (Thank goodness Google added autosaves!) Mine has not (yet) powered down during a CPU-intensive activity such as a compile. I removed the PCMCIA network card and switched power supply bricks, but it still shuts down. No relevant messages in any log, but I keep the hard drive idle most of the time so it may just be losing the final messages most of the time.

Pbbuttonsd reports version 0.7.1 (and I have been having some other trouble with it) so I stopped it now to see whether the reliability is better. I'm not running any of the other daemons mentioned in the thread -- no pmud, no mouseemu, no powernowd.

cat /proc/cpuinfo
processor       : 0
cpu             : 740/750
temperature     : 55-57 C (uncalibrated)
clock           : 264MHz
revision        : 2.2 (pvr 0008 0202)
bogomips        : 530.43
machine         : PowerBook
motherboard     : AAPL,PowerBook1998 MacRISC
detected as     : 50 (PowerBook Wallstreet)
pmac flags      : 00000009
L2 cache        : 1024K unified pipelined-syncro-burst
memory          : 384MB
l2cr override   : 0xb9110000
pmac-generation : OldWorld

P.S.: I don't know if it's related or not, but since upgrading to the latest system, my PowerBook's fan has not come on, even when compiling mol kernel modules. Of course the last time I compiled modules it was in the summertime ... but I'd like to know whether the fan is still working....

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