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Re: Performa 6320CD

Sven Luther wrote:

Cool. That would be real great, do you have an alioth account ?

I do not have an account on alioth.

Ah, did you look at the right place (arch/ppc/appleboot/Mach\ Kernel or
something such ?). The best is to take the debian kernel package and build
using it, since it is known to produce a somewhat working kernel.

I hope I did will make sure when I build again and I did build both manually and using make-kpkg. I used the .config from nubus-sf project ( I hacked it from the bitkeeper repository source viewer ). I will began again tommorrow and then again next week to work on building again. I will startup one of the other 2 machines on linux by next week hopefully.

First step i believe is to build the unstable/etch kernel and boot it, and
then adjust the configfile to add the missing bit.

I will began with sarge and I have run unstable before ( for a few years on my 7401 ppc ). If I have questions about kernel build shall I use list and may I mail you directly too ? Hopefully will began compile by the first of next week .


Rod Ross

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