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Re: installing G3/266 beige: which vmlinux ??

Op 6-nov-05 om 09:48 heeft Sven Luther het volgende geschreven:

So, are you installing a new machine, trying to take-over a messed up install, trying to use a debian kernel on a YDL root, trying to upgrade your kernel ?

complete new install.

Could it be that my scsi does not spin up, due to a dip switch setting ???
(I checked "force scsi on" in BootX)

VFS: cannot open root device "sda2" or unknown block(0,0)
please append a correct root= option ...
kernel panic ..

But the option root=/dev/sda2 is the right option ???
plus the fact that I use BootX and put the /dev/sda2 also
where the install says how large the ram disc should be.

I have 2 ide discs, one scsi, installed the scsi ...

Just treid /dev/sda3, should be the swap, doesn't work

I tried ubuntu on a blue white (which has probs to install os x,
see  http://users.fulladsl.be/spb13810/apple/
never had probs with Apple hw (used nebsd on a Colour Classic)

and I see a page on oldworld install here:
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Installation/OldWorldMacs? highlight=%28oldworld%29%7C%28mac%29%7C%28install%29

Since ubuntu uses the debian rpm's, I might try that  ..

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