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Re: g5 install

> > What kind of problem is that? What can i do?
> Mmm, indeed, that is a problem listed on :
>   http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstallerToday
>    [19 Oct 05] secure apt [WWW] won't work with any
> debian CDs as it cannot
>    validate them; this breaks all CD images except
> businesscard and netboot
>    mini ISOs. Symptom: failed to install
> initrd-tools

> So, maybe try a businesscard iso instead of a
> netinst, or a more recent
> netinst, which is rumored to fix this problem.

> > I'll back to that city to a second try nextweek,
> maybe
> > the weekend. So, i need a working image. I can't
> be
> > traveling until it is fullly installed. I have no
> time
> > to test new images. I need a working image.
> Well, there will be a beta of the etch installer
> RSN, hopefully it will be
> ready before you next go, but i can't make promises.
> Watch the above web site
> for details.
ok. next time i will take with me the buidnesscard
image, sarge image and (if ready) the etch image ;)

> > And my friend is a little bit disapointed about
> linux,
> > so, this time it have to be a very good impresion.
> Well, you should have asked online when you where at
> his place, and would have
> been able to install directly with the above
> workaround :)
Where can i ask online? is there a irc, messenger,
etc? Or by mail?
(beside, my friends network is so slow. It takes 1
hour or so to download an iso image.)

> Friendly,
> Sven Luther
Thanks a lot.

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