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Re: How to get rid of sungem at boot time?

airport isn't (yet) auto-detected by hotplug (soon). When that will
happen, your airport driver will also be automagically loaded and there
is no way to know which one will end up eth0 and which one will end up

this is a good argument for bsd style network interfaces

/dev/vr0 /dev/fxp0 /dev/fxp1 etc

ive always been a big fan of that convention, as the whole ethX
randomness drives me nuts. mind you, im not sure how the linux
world would feel about suddenly changing. i believe scsi has
(had?) similar problems that dev's where handed out in order
unlike ide, where they are linked to a certain 'interface'

anyway assuming the powers that be decided to go with bsd style
interfaces, you could just sym link them or create second device
entries with the same major and minor numebrs

perhaps ben could push through bsd style nic dev file naming ;)

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