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Another battle with Pismo won ;) - resolution scaling works

Hi all,

Some time ago I wrote to this list asking if it is possible to change
the screen resoultion on the ati rage 128, and finally after a few
replies I dropped the idea of fighting with that.

But lately I took a closer look at Michael Daenzer's old rage128
resolution scaling patch (
http://penguinppc.org/~daenzer/hacks/aty128fb-scaling.diff  ) . I ported
it to 2.6 (Debian-version  2.6.11-3)  and boom, it works! I can now
change resolution to others than 1024x768 on my Pismo's lcd and they're
nicely scaled. I was totally surprised.

greetings to all the ppc Linux users and developers.

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