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nvidia driver on ppc. problems

>> Last june 2005 I've bought a fine powerbook G4 12", and I did subestimate the
>> problems from the nvidia FX GeForce 5200 grafic card under GNU/Linux. It seems
>> the nv driver doesn't support yet:

>First, are you talking about the kernel nvidiafb (or the older rivbafb)
>or X "nv" driver ?


I've compiled nvidiafb in the kernel 2.6.12, but I use the driver "nv" in my
xorg.conf. Is that incorrect? or should I use "nvidiafb"?

>Well, actually the external VGA/DVI does work, but internal and external
>output are mutually exclusive...

So, how can I switch between two screens? which X configuration should I use?

Because, I've tried to simply connect the external screen before power up the
machine and it didn't work.



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