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Re: Sound and 3d aceeleration on Powerbook 5,7 with Debian Sarge 3.1

On Tue, 2005-09-27 at 02:34 -0700, Shiv Dayal wrote:
> with referrence to discussion on the debian mailing
> list
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-powerpc/2005/07/msg00402.html
> i have found one solution for sound. The solution is
> to use USB speakers. It plays mp3 and other files
> pretty well but none of the players have been able to
> play AC3(A52 Audio) format properly. VLC plays it for
> some time thereafter it says audio output is starving
> playing silence.

Weird... Could be a bug in VLC or the libac3 ... or the driver for those
speakers. You should report it to the appropriate maintainers.

Note that the internal sound chip should work with recent kernels. If
not, it may just be a matter of a small adjustement. Can you send me a
tarball of /proc/device-tree on your machine ?

> In the list you mentioned about r300 drivers. If there
> is any way to get 3D acceleration please tell me
> however difficult it is to setup. Because i mostly do
> 3D programming and without acceleration i can not do
> much.

There is some basic 3D acceleration available yes (it doesn't do HW TCL
etc...yet but it's good enough to play QuakeIII for example :)

To get it, you should look at the freedesktop wiki for details I
suppose. Basically, you need:

 - Up to date kernel DRM (current -git should do)
 - Up to date X.org (from CVS)
 - Up to date libdrm (from DRM CVS)
 - Up to date Mesa tree to build the DRI drivers

I hope that once X.org 7 (and 6.9) are final, things will be more
readily available, which hopefully should happen fairly soon, or at
least -RC snapshots should be available.


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