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Re: mounting a HFS drive on a Linux machine clobbers it?

On Sep 26, 2005, at 12:02 PM, Martin Habets wrote:

So what is it? HFS or HFS+? Big difference for Linux cause different drivers
are used (hfs and I think hfsplus).
Not sure if OS X still recognizes a HFS drive. Maybe the partition table on the drive is no longer recognized. Wat do fdisk (in Linux and OS X) make
of it?
I'm sorry, you are correct: the 300G is indeed an HFS+ drive formatted from a OS X machine...

How did you partition and format the drive initially?
using Disk Utils in OS X

so again, why would mounting a HFS+ drive on a ext3 machine (Ubuntu PPC 5.04) make it so that it won't mount on an OS X machine afterwards?

and what can I do to fix this? short of reformatting the entire drive again and losing my backups?

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