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Re: OS X Disk Image backup clobbers yaboot file

On 9/25/05, Kim Cascone <kim@anechoicmedia.com> wrote:
> - I read the info on yaboot and did the following:
> - I reset NVRAM
> - I booted into Open Firmware and tried to boot from the yaboot
> manually but...
> - still no luck

What did you do at the OF prompt?  If you still have an untouched
linux FS, then yaboot, yaboot.conf (in /etc), and your kernel should
be all you need.

Maybe you can do this again, write down exaclty what happens, and send
it in a reply.

> - so I loaded up the live disc of Ubuntu, installed the 'gparted'
> package and looked at the iMac's drive (cause OS X disc utils UI sucks)
> and I didn't want to read the unix man on disc utils at that point...
> but 'gparted' let me see the entire drive and Linux (ext3) and New
> World (HFS+) parts as well as the OS X HFS parts were all still
> there...

maybe there is a 'rescue' option from the install disk?  I think the
chroot idea mentioned previously could work.  Let us know if it did!

> so I am pretty certain that the yaboot got hosed...
> - I am assuming that when making a backup of the OS X (HFS) partition
> you need to use something that doesn't try to take over the whole drive
> -- and possibly clobber the yaboot.conf file in the process...any tips,
> suggestions, URL's would be appreciated...

yaboot.conf is in /etc... which should still be there.  Perhaps OF
doesn't go to the bootstrap partition anymore.  Somehow running ybin
in the correct situation would help

> so my questions are as follows:
> - was it OS X Disk Utilities that clobbered the yaboot?

If you ran nothing else that could have done this, then we can assume
so.  That is good to know!

> - and how does one fix this running a Live Linux distro...
>         - side note: I tried booting using OpenFirmware and none of the parts
> I entered seemed to work per the instructions on the penguinlinux.org
> yaboot page

this similar thing has happened to me.. the symlinks that yaboot.conf
pointed to were off, so I tried booting from OF (can't remember if it
worked, sorry).. But I recall reading a great deal about Open
Firmware.  Its good reading!

Please let us know what you do, especially what happens in OF, and if
the chrooting the mounted partition works!


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