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Re: Debian... install partition?

On 9/25/05, Jay States <j.states@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have been playing around with installing Debian and the installer
> wants to partition the whole HD.  This is the way I partitioned the HD
> with Apple's Disk Utility
> (1) 30GbBOS  X (Mac OS Extended)
> (2) 25GB Apple (Mac OS Extended)
> (3) 20GB Free Space

Man!  Am I the only one with a 60GB drive in my powerbook?  Of course,
you didn't say powerbook.. but this leads to the question of: has
anyone upgraded their internal PB (1.33 GHz) drive?  On top of that..
google shows my drive [TOSHIBA MK6025GAS] as a 4200rpm drive.. aren't
there 7200 rpm drives for this machine??

> I want to install Debian on the third partition... why is the installer
> only allowing a whole HD partition?

Installing Debian on the third partition would need a manual
configuration of the parition table.  You also need to make a 800K
bootstrap partition (an option from the manual partitioner.  In the
end you will end up with an odd setup (I have 9 partitions and a
little free space at the end -- Bootstrap is partition 8, and Debian
is partition 9)


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