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Re: Oops and BUG's with hfsplus module

i just suffered a severe dataloss with my very similiar configuration. i'm running ubuntu linux hoary with the standard kernel 2.6.10-5-powerpc on a powerbook g4. i've hooked up a hfsplus formatted 160gb lacie d2 firewire harddrive. in ubuntu i was copying two big (1.5gb) files from internal ext3 to the external drive and in another shell i wanted to display the contents of the external harddrive (using ls) when the disaster happened:


my harddrive is now totally screwed up. neither diskwarrior nor techtool could recover my files. snapfiles filescavenger and prosofts data rescue only recovered garbage data from my hd. does anybody know another tool i could try to get my data back?

i think i've found the reason of my "hd crash" in a slightly deffective firewire cable. shit. anyhow i dont like the way linux/ firewire/hfs+ driver reacts to a communication failure. macos x just ejected the disk or canceled a dvd-burning session with an error.


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