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Re: Pismo 2nd monitor support?

Peter Plessas wrote:
> Hi!
> I have a working external monitor on my Pismo, but since you mention it,
> did the dualhead ever work? I would be very interested in trying it!
As I said, I just met some little track of that possibility somewhere on the 
web or debian-powerpc archives, I don't remember seing any patches. Or was it 
some OF firmware patch? Low probability that this ever worked/will  work. For 
now I must try the Michael Daenzer's: 
old Pismo's ati hacks. At least the scaling patch to try to get resolution 
scaling. I brutally adapted the scaling patch to 2.6 but as a result my pismo 
froze on boot (on fb init), but I'm not sure if that was that patch or 
swsusp2 fault. Will do some research on it.

It's quite understandable that developers lose their interest in writing 
drivers for some hardware when they move on to better hardware, still (don't 
crucify me for what I'll say) sad that in mac os things 'just work' :) such 
as the ati tvout thing, or 4mbit IRDA on pismo. An example of a possibly 
working thing, but never usable, is the atitvout tool by Lennart Poettering 
that enabled the s-video output on various ati cards, but only on x86 
hardware since it used some bios calls. 

And yet I'm happy cause I solved all the hardware issues on my Pismo I could, 
and mainly thanks to this list :)



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