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Re: Pismo 2nd monitor support?


I have a working external monitor on my Pismo, but since you mention it, did the dualhead ever work? I would be very interested in trying it!

rgds, Peter

Wojciech Owczarek wrote:
On friday, september 23th 2005 22:00, vze26m98 wrote:

Didn't find anything in the archives: is there support for the 2nd
monitor connection for Pismo laptops?

I've got a 2.6.8 kernel so maybe I'm behind the times.

I happen to own a pismo :)

You mean external vga monitor or dualhead? From what I heard there was some possibility to get dualhead (correct me if I'm wrong, but anyway that was kind of legendary since there is no active development for the ati rage thing any more). Now about the external monitor, there is a tool caled m3mirror, you'l find it on Benjamin Herrenschmidt's page (he's "the linux ppc guy"):


Also AFAIR this little util refuses to compile on 2.6 kernels out of the box so you have to change the source a bit, but here's a version changed by me to compile on 2.6:


All you have to do then is gcc -o m3mirror m3mirror.c

Also, you need to patch the kernel a bit with a little dirty hack to have the tv output and/or mirroring working. If you don't do this, all you're going to see on your pismo's external crt will be some sort of black-on-white diagnotic output similar to these you see on Sun machines ;] You need to find a file in your kernel source directory: (assuming you have kernel source in /usr/src/linux)

you then have to locate this line:

        for (j=0; j<prom_num_displays; j++) {

and change it to:


        for (j=0; j<1; j++) {

this is a small change related to initiating all the accessible screens, and since a Pismo has 2 screens max (lcd + crt) it works ok, and solved the problem for me.
So after you patch and build the kernel all you have to do is:

m3mirror crt:1 lcd:1 to have mirroring mode - both crt and lcd on
m3mirror crt:1 lcd:0 to have the cdr output only (like a projector)
m3mirror crt:0 lcd:1 to get to normal state

Greetings, and hope this helps,


Btw all stuf I wrote here I found on debian-powerpc list anyway, so you just didn't do enough research :>

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