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Re: right click on powerbook

On Thu, Sep 22, 2005 at 05:08:54PM +0200, max wrote:
> OK!
> Leroy has just answered to my question
> to obtain the keycode of a key:
> go to a tty  (ctrl-alt-F1 if you are in X11)
> $ showkey  (and press the key that you want obtain the keycode)
> for example pressing the key "a"
> 0x1e
> (wait 10 seconds)
> $ echo $((0x1e))
> $ 30
> the keycode of a is 30 for my keyboard.

You can find the key codes in include/linux/input.h in the linux sources
as well. Just check the mouseemu manpage for more details about it.

On my TiBook the apple key is 125 and the mouse button is 272. So put
MID_CLICK="-middle 125 272" into /etc/default/mouseemu.


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