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Re: right click on powerbook


Pim Snel wrote:
> http://lists.ubuntulinux.org/archives/ubuntu-users/2004-September/001638.html

MaX wrote:
> now edit /etc/default/mouseemu like this:
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> MID_CLICK="-middle 125 272"    # Command- click
> RIGHT_CLICK="-right 29 272"    # Control-click
> SCROLL="-scroll 56"            # Alt key + mouse move up and down
> TYPING_BLOCK="-typing-block 300" # block mouse for 300ms after a
> keypress
> -----------------------------------------------------------

i tried to configure mouseemu. but i couldnt find out the keycode for my
mousebutton. i have a new (june 2005) ibook.

also there is a strange behavior of showkey. it just runs at root or via
sudo (maybe this is normal) and seems to "push down" the return button.
and if i switch to another application or window, this window behaviors
like i would push down the return button until showkeys timeout appears
and i push ctrl+c or return...

what is the difference between the keycodes from xev, showkey and
showkey in a console



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