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new ibooks (june2005) general questions


i got a new ibook and tested the last two days and a lot of stuff works fine now.
But I have still some questions, which I couldnt find via Google etc.

1) what is the "name" of my ibook? how could i search without getting old ibooks included in the results?

2) do somebody knows good websites about linux on this newest ibook modell? i just found information about linux on powerbook or older ibooks (which also was very helpful for the beginning).

3) can i configure the fan manually, or does it depend on the cpu speed/temp? which tools i can use, the kernel module is loaded and seems to work. but with full speed (1.33GHz) it runs early, fast and loud.

4) does suspend on ram works? it start to (or prepare) sleep, but woke up immediately.

5) i am not interested in bluetooth. when no kernel module is loaded etc, means it, bluetooth dont need and use energy? is it like disabling bluetooth on mac os x?

a) is this the correct mailinglist for this questions?

I will promise to create from your answers a howto for linux on ibooks... ;-)



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