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Re: Debian sarge 3.1 r0a - problems with a sound (m-audio delta 44)

On Tue, 13 Sep 2005, aleuni wrote:


/I apologize for my English :)/

PowerMac G5.Has established Debian sarge 3.1 r0a - something is created awful with a sound (a card m-audio delta 44 - the module snd-ice1712). Its system has distinguished correctly (kdemixer sees, alsamixer sees), but: if to start to reproduce a sound, for example, in xmms, - any terrible gnash, instead of music (though indicators, smoothly rocking, speak, that the beautiful, quiet melody plays) is audible. As though it to overcome?

I have an audiophile 2496 (in a Dual G4 Digital Audio Mac) which uses the same driver. I can sometimes get the sound to work. Usually when I do a fresh kernel compile and install the alsa driver CVS sources. When I reboot, into OS X for example, and then back to Debian a few times the awful gnashing sound (as you aptly put it) comes back. I have been unable to track the problem to a specific configuration file entry. Next time I get it to work I will try the alsactl store (or save?) and see if that helps. I've posted about this problem (several times) to the ALSA and Debian lists before and no one has offered any insight or solution to the problem. I must say though it sounds really good when it works.


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