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Re: Bug#326220: libc6 2.3.5 ldconfig segfaults on powerpc oldworld

Michael Schmitz a écrit :
reassign 326220 apt

Your system looks older than a testing from April 2005. libc6 version
2.2.5-11.8 is a libc6 from Woody, an Debian does not support direct
Woody -> Etch upgrade.

So please reassign the bug to whatever seems appropriate. Not being able
to upgrade from woody to current testing/unstable is what I'd consider a
bug in its own right.

It's seems you are not aware that Sarge is out and is now the stable version. Debian does not support the upgrade from stable (Woody) to stable + 2 (the future Etch). You have to upgrade to stable + 1 (Sarge) to first.

So please upgrade to Sarge first.

Besides, what's the proposed fix? etch ldconfig just doesn't work, so what
piece am I missing?

Update to Sarge first, and also to a Sarge kernel.

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