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Re: Bug#326220: libc6 2.3.5 ldconfig segfaults on powerpc oldworld

> > So please reassign the bug to whatever seems appropriate. Not being able
> > to upgrade from woody to current testing/unstable is what I'd consider a
> > bug in its own right.
> It's seems you are not aware that Sarge is out and is now the stable

I'm well aware of that, thank you very much.

> version. Debian does not support the upgrade from stable (Woody) to
> stable + 2 (the future Etch). You have to upgrade to stable + 1 (Sarge)
> to first.

That's what I've been missing. Please note that this used to be different
in earlier releases, so I had a reasonable expectation this would work.
And there was no warning during the attempted upgrade to make me

> So please upgrade to Sarge first.

What, now that I've already shoehorned testing onto the box? You gotta be
kidding. What would this solve?

> > Besides, what's the proposed fix? etch ldconfig just doesn't work, so what
> > piece am I missing?
> Update to Sarge first, and also to a Sarge kernel.

Please add a check to libc6 preinst that makes sure the running kernel (as
determined by uname -r, just like is already done for i386, sparc sun4m,
hppa, parisc64, mips and amd64) is recent enough for powerpc ldconfig from
libc6 2.3.5 to work. You have this check for other architectures to
prevent bad things from happening, so apparently permitting ldconfig
breakage on powerpc is a bug, and a serious one at that.

To point out the not-so-obvious: I recovered my system just fine. I ask
for such a check to be added for the next person to upgrade from woody.

I'm willing to help testing just what kernel feature is missing in my
kernel, or what exact kernel version would be OK to use. I indicated as
much in my initial bug report. If you already know the appropriate kernel
versions, why not have that check? If you don't know them, why do you give
me that 'dont do that, stupid' crap instead of taking me up on my offer to
help debug this?

To put this into perspective: I need this old G3 as a fallback developer
machine to debug a problem with nvsetenv on OldWorld, as long as my
PowerBook is being repaired. While updating that G3, I trip over a severe
libc6 bug, and report it. Color me clueless for assuming these reports are
actually welcomed.

I'm getting seriously fed up with this overgrown project. Any other
distributions out there with decent powerpc support?


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