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Re: sudden power loss on tibook

> Aluminium Powerbook 12" rev. B (2003, powerbook 6,2)
> pbbuttonsd 0.7.1
> no pmud
> mouseemu 0.15
> mouseemu blocks the trackpad
> pbbuttonsd does not block the trackpad
> I've had the power-loss issue happen only three or four times over two
> weeks of use, so it's hard to describe behaviour causing it, but it's
> always been while I'm actually using the computer (not while running
> idle), so it's quite possible that I was sending mouse/keyboard events
> at the moment of power loss each time.

Do you use cpudyn to control CPU speed? Michel Dänzer brought this up, and
that's another known cause of lockups.

> I'm going to try telling mouseemu not to block the trackpad.

Thanks; we'll need to wait a few weeks for the test results to come in
anyway :-)


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