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Re: Bug#326220: libc6 2.3.5 ldconfig segfaults on powerpc oldworld

On Sat, Sep 03, 2005 at 10:30:22AM +0200, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> reassign 326220 apt
> > Your system looks older than a testing from April 2005. libc6 version
> > 2.2.5-11.8 is a libc6 from Woody, an Debian does not support direct
> > Woody -> Etch upgrade.
> So please reassign the bug to whatever seems appropriate. Not being able
> to upgrade from woody to current testing/unstable is what I'd consider a
> bug in its own right.
> Besides, what's the proposed fix? etch ldconfig just doesn't work, so what
> piece am I missing?
> IIRC woody was still stable at that time, so it isn't all that outdated.
> > > kernel version: 2.2.20-pmac (Debian package, unknown version)
> >
> > This is a rather old version, not even available in Debian Sarge.
> >
> > I suggest you to upgrade to Debian Sarge first (and also your kernel to
> > a 2.4 or 2.6 version), before trying to upgrade to testing or unstable.
> Well, apt or dpkg should have figured that out, and warned me off to not
> attempt the upgrade, right? Yet another bug.
> The system is booted using a floppy, I'm not sure I can even fit a 2.4 or
> 2.6 kernel on there. Either way, 'you should not try that' is not an

The 2.6.8 sarge kernel did fit on a miboot floppy just fine, thank you, miboot
is not in main though because of the apple-owned boot sector we have no
licence for, but you can find it on :


The current 2.6.12 sid kernel is too big by around 200K, but we will work it
to fit on a miboot size again before the etch release, hopefully, and by then
we may even have quik-floppy support or whatever, so ...


Sven Luther

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