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Re: sudden power loss on tibook

> > Do we have a clear picture of the hardware/software combination this bug
> > is triggered by?
> Not sure if this is the same bug, but on my Powerbook6,8 (12"), it turns
> off after about 5 minutes with the lid closed, only on battery power.
> Running pbbuttonsd, pmud, or nothing, it's the same. This with latest

Both pmud and pbbuttonsd should detect the lid close and force the system
to sleep. If you explicitly disabled that feature, I suspect the machine
may be overheating, or the pmu detects the system still running after
some timeout and powers off (someone at Apple should know for sure).

It only happens on battery power - in that case I'd vote for a security
feature ('user closed the lid on battery power, might as well have stowed
the laptop in the bag now and start banging it around. Better shut down

IIRC with the old laptops, closing the lid while running was explicitly
forbidden because part of the heat was dissipated by air passing up
through the keyboard. No idea if that's changed substantially with the
newer models. I'll ask an Apple Tech.

What we're looking for is a reason for Apple laptops to power off while
in use, with the lid open. Your case is obviously different.


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