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Re: ANN: apple motion sensor reverse engineered

On Mon, 2005-08-29 at 10:36 +0200, Stelian Pop wrote:

> I cannot reproduce this here. Suspending with the ams driver loaded
> works just fine.

Hm, ok. I'll watch out for it more. Maybe it is relevant that I use
suspend2? (I doubt it, but...)

> However, I do BAD interrupts in /proc/interrupts, but I have them even
> without loading my driver, and they are comming coming at about 30 Hz
> (this goes down to 5 Hz after the first suspend/resume cycle). I don't
> know if this comes from some recent kernel change or if I toggled
> something in the hardware while doing the dev...

Odd as well, but I do get bad interrupts too, but far less than 5 Hz.

Well, thanks for the answer, I'll be watching this and come back with
more info once I have some.


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