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Re: Interrupts lost on IDE disks in RAID1 array


On  28 Aug, this message from Rogério Brito echoed through cyberspace:
> On Aug 28 2005, Rick Thomas wrote:
>> The best way to handle multiple hard disks is to get a good cheap IDE
>> PCI card.
> Which would be a cheap IDE PCI card that can work with older PMac's
> (more especifically a PowerMac 9500)? Any one that can boot from Open
> Firmware?

Booting from OF is tricky. I think I remember one or two products that
masqueraded as SCSI controllers. But I doon't remember their name...

Other than that, most PC IDE controllers should work for everything
except booting. I have myself a (now older) Promise controller in a

> Unfortunately, it seems that I can't find one here where I live.

The OF booting variant is probably hard to find anywhere...

> I am also having problems trying to find memory for the PMac since
> every place where I go they say that it is out of production. :-(

I have bought mine multiple times on ebay. Is that an option for you?

> Ordering from online sources isn't, unfortunately, an option (since
> the Brazilian government places taxes of 60% over the cost of the
> product---and by "cost of product" they even include shipping rates).
> :-(

That's very bad indeed...

> P.S.: On the other hand, if anybody has memory for PMac's and it is
> not being used anymore, I would gladly accept a donation. :-)

I may have two modules available.... but they are probably quite small
(4 or 8 MB each, I think).

Also, some IBM RS6000's had the same type of memory. Would be impossible
to pay new, but if you have contacts to IT people that use those and
sometimes throw them away :-)



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