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Re: Alternative repository for gnome-bluetooth packages

Jack Malmostoso wrote:
> I found this repository for gnome-bluetooth packages.
> It includes some CVS stuff (so highly unstable!!!), but at least carries
> newer packages (I guess it's about an year Gnome-BT packages don't change).

thanks for posting this! I was about to do it :)
yes I built gnome-bluetooth from cvs (the full cvs checkout is included
in .tar.gz)
However I wonder if it would be okay to upload gnome-bluetooth
upstream-released packages to debian (CC'ing utnubu since ubuntu has
working gnome-bluetooth)

> If anybody is able to build some packages from the CVS of nautilus-sendto,
> should probably submit them, so that we could have a completely graphical
> BT subset.

I can take care of this, I suppose it is the nautilus-sendto cvs module,


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