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Re: Booting with yaboot and a new kernel

On Mon, Aug 22, 2005 at 05:40:47PM +0200, Pablo Gil wrote:
> As far as I know this it is right. When I start the computer the yaboot 
> propmt appears, then I press tab to be able to see the list. Then I 
> choose "LinuxNuevo" to boot the new kernel. Yaboot throws some lines as 
> usual but the linux never starts loading (usualy I get tux in one corner 
> and that system information). My computer gets stuck and I only can hear 
> the hard drisk spinnig as if something was trying to read it.

Did you rerun ybin after canging yaboot.conf?
What are the exact last lines you see?

It could you have not selected the right video driver and the machine is
really booting up nicely, since you hear the disk spinning. But you would
see that in /var/log/messages after booting your old kernel again.


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