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Sarge install on Orldworld was successfull, but minor quirks


I recently decided to get rid of my OS X installation on my Umax
Pulsar, so I installed Debians stable release using BootX and the
current netboot-Image. Installation went fine, except for the fact
that I couldn't configure RAID, but I'm planning to do this later on.
Quiks installation wasn't that easy, I forgot that /boot has to be on
the same partition as /, and that this partition has to be ext2.
The system is up and running now, but I have some minor problems I
hope someone might have a solution to:
- While booting the machine I see the Tux-Logo, but no boot message.
Instead, there is a small area on the left side below the logo, where
colored dots are moving upwards. Between the logo and this area, there
is a really small, blinking cursor. Output starts when the system
configures the console, on first boot this means when the charset is
set, on every following boot the first output I see is the login
message itself.
- I installed fbset and selected a higher resolution for my current
console. I noticed that when the selected resolution is higher than
800x600-75 switching to a console running in the default resolution
and back doesn't work: My screen remains black, and it complains about
the frequency. Typing the same fbset-command (or using history) again
makes the console working again. Switching between consoles with the
same resolution works thou. In my example, I used 1280x1024-75.

The machine is an Umax Pulsar (S900) with G3/400 MHz Upgrade, ATI
Radeon 7500 64MB and 592MB RAM. Kernel (Version 2.6.8) and
netboot-initrd are both the current versions found in stable.

I checked the archives but couldn't find any posting related to my
problems, I found a few hints about problems with changing consoles on
a previous version of D-I, but this doesn't seem to be related.

Is there anyone here on this list who experienced the same phenomenas
and can advice how to get rid of them?


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