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Re: Re: Will Debian Sarge resize OS X-volume during install?

Hi Michel, 
Am Wed, 17 Aug 2005 12:46:14 +0200, schrieb Guus013:
> Hi Sven,
>>  ..so you have to use some mac-os-x tool and remove the journal..
> Which tool did you use?

If you have the Install CD/DVD Set or any other Installationmedia 
for Panther, Jaguar and earlier won't work, you have to boot your 
Mac from this Media bring up the Disk Utility and there you find a 
button which allows you to disable journaling. After resizing the 
partition and installing Sarge you boot your Mac from CD/DVD again 
and turn on Journaling. 

Which tool to use for resizing. I don't know. Last time I had to 
install my Mac I made two partitions one for videos and one for OS 
X etc. When I wanted to install Sarge I killed the Video partition, 
simply because I use an external hdd for this stuff now. 

There are Mac OS X aqua tools for repartitioning your Mac out there 
too. I know of Volume Works by SubRosaSoft, iPartion by Corilios 
and Volume Works by Prosoft Engineering. There may be more out 

Eric Hoch

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