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[PATCH] Re: Weird display problems on wakeup from sleep (sometimes)

Looks like the same issue I sometimes have. You have an ATI graphics
card, right?

If so, get the lcd_hack too that Ben H. wrote. If you get an error
when running the tool, you may need the kernel patch from
Running the tool fixes the problem for me 90% of the time on 2.6.11,
and always fixed it on 2.6.8 and earlier.

Hmm, looks like it never got upstream. Can someone please push
the patch below? Please see the link above for explanation and approvals.
It applies clean to 2.6.11 as well.


	Signed-off-by: Martin Habets <errandir_news@mph.eclipse.co.uk>
--- 2.6.8/drivers/video/aty/radeon_base.c.orig	2005-01-07 16:55:49.000000000 +0000
+++ 2.6.8/drivers/video/aty/radeon_base.c	2005-01-07 16:57:22.000000000 +0000
@@ -1812,9 +1812,12 @@ static int __devinit radeon_set_fbinfo (
 	fb_alloc_cmap(&info->cmap, 256, 0);
-	if (noaccel)
+	if (noaccel) {
 		info->flags |= FBINFO_HWACCEL_DISABLED;
+		info->fix.accel = FB_ACCEL_NONE;
+	} else
+		info->fix.accel = FB_ACCEL_ATI_RADEON;
         return 0;

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